W20 - Plate Column Still Operations Training

R 2,600.00

Learn how to distil with a partial fractioning still (as used by most craft distillers) in one simple course!

R 2,600.00
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A fun day learning how to distil with a partial fractioning still (as used by most craft distillers) in one simple course!

Master Principle:

• Reflux and ABV Control – Controlling the strength of spirits

Workshop contents:

• Introduction
o Welcoming and Introduction of Participants
o Workshop programme and structure
o Scope of this workshop
o Distilling safety
• What is craft distilling?
• Fractions in fermented beverages
• Vapour pressure and boiling points of fractions
• Water. ethanol phase diagram review
• The "Tape Extraction" analogy
• Effect of heat input rate on fraction composition
• Heat control vs temperature monitoring
• Still types used in craft distilling:
o Alembic stills
o Adjustable reflux column still (LMS)
o Partial fractionating columns (CMS)
• The partial fractionating still anatomy
• Distilling methods
o Stepped distilling (compression/releasing)
o Impact of number of plates on distillation
o Continuous releasing
§ Aromatic spirits
§ Neutral spirits
• Temperature and abv interpretations
o Boiler temperatures
o Vapour temperatures
o Coolant temperatures
o Temperature differentials B-V
o Temperatures and percentage abv relationships
• Input variables and their impacts
o Coolant water flow - main/reflux condenser (dephlegmator)
o Coolant water flow - spirit condenser
o Heat input
• Product development method
o Record keeping
o Fractionating
o Fractional sensory evaluation
§ Nosing
§ Tasting
§ Feeling
§ Visual
o Blending and dilution
• Practical distillation on partial fractionating still
o Participation
o Filling a still
o Setting up a still column and coolant flow
o Starting up and bringing to boil
o Adjustment when boiling starts
o Equalising/stabilizing your column
o The heads
o Stepped distilling
o Continuous release distilling
o Catching the tails
o Shutting down and precautions
• Conclusions, Q&A and discussions

Receipt of your payment will confirm your seat reservation for the course. Please note our terms and conditions for training when cancelling a course.

Course Fee Includes:

• Course material (laminated summary in flow diagram format)
• Use of copper still during distillation
• Refreshments during the course (tea, coffee, cool drink, bottled water)
• Lunch Platters (Please inform us of any dietary requirements)


• Starts at 08:00 until approximately 17:00 with lunch at 12h00.

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• Distillique Offices in Centurion (View Map)

W20 - Plate Column Still Operations Training

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