W2 - Grain Based Spirits Manual - PAST STUDENTS ONLY

R 300.00

"The Only Constant is Change".


This is as true with Distillique's Training as it is with everything else in the world. We continuously adapt, upgrade, expand and add to the information we share during our Training. Even more so now with our Online Courses.


Many of our students that have done Training with us in the past has requested access to the new and updated manuals. As is our habit, when the Client asks, we deliver.


R 300.00
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PLEASE NOTE: This Manual is only available for purchase for Students that have already completed the course. With your order, in the comment section, you need to provide a reference of your previous training by way of the previous order number for confirmation purposes. Due to issues regarding Liability, Intellectual Property Protection and Responsibility, Manuals are not for sale to Individuals who have not completed Training with us.

This 98 page manual, building on the knowledge obtained in the C1 - Introduction to Distilling Course, covers the following topics:


1.1 The Difference between Whisk(e)y and Moonshine

1.2 A Short History of Moonshine and Whisk(e)y

1.3 Whisky Definitions from different Countries

1.4 Moonshine and Whisk(e)y Methodology

1.5 Innovating with Whisk(e)y - Choices in making our Product

1.6 The Starch Conversion Process

1.7 Gelatinization

1.8 Enzymes used during Starch Conversion

1.9 The Starch Conversion Process

1.10 Post Starch Conversion

1.11 Malting and Enzyme Sources

1.12 What is Malt?

1.13 Sterilization

1.14 Starch Fermentation Peculiarities

1.15 Starch Fermentation Distillation

1.16 Barrel Aging of Whisk(e)y and Bourbon

1.17 The Importance of Water Quality in Whisk(e)y – Fact or Fiction

1.18 A Short History of Vodka

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