Refractometer 0-32Bx (New model)

R 900.00

R 900.00
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Handheld refractometer to EASILY and QUICKLY determine 0-32Bx sugar content (in Brix or SG) of fruit or a mash with only 1 drop of liquid.

For example: Pick a peach from the tree, squeeze a drop of juice from it and measure the sugar content. Easy, quick, affordable!

No more guessing or struggling to float an SG hydrometer.

This refractomer also includes automatic temperature adjustment doing away with the need to do temperature corrections.

It measures in Brix Balling Plato measurement as well in SG scales.

The Brix Balling or Plato scales are the same up to 4 decimal digits and gives an indicating of the sugar content in water as a percentage per weight. I.e. a reading of 10 degrees Brix, indicates that there is 1 kilogram of sugar in 10 litres of liquid. (10%)

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