Premium Alembic 500lt Copper Potstill (Handmade in Portugal)

R 169,000.00

Really really BIG 500L Alembic pot still capable of distilling about 140 bottles  (750ml) bottles of spirits at 43% per batch.

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Premium 500L litre (really, really big) Alembic pot still with copper condenser.

Thicker copper (than normal) and fitted with thermometer casing and thermometer.

This is our biggest traditional riveted copper still for those with a big thirst or those that distills only a few times a year or those wanting to produce authentic copper distilled spirits commercially. The cradle allows you to easily tip the pot after distilling to empty it without hassles.

Brass connecting fittings to swan's neck and condenser

Hand beaten copper at it's best. 100% copper with brass fittings. This still allows you to distil a good 200+ bottles (750ml) of spirits at 43% alcohol per batch when using our pot distiller's yeast.

Delivery will be quoted extra (comes in a really, really big box!)


CoppaShine Treatment
R 7,510.00
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