Grain bill (5l fermentation)

R 90.00

R 90.00
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This bag of mixed grains is suitable for the fermentation of a 5l blended whiskey (mix of grains).

This is the same grain bill that we use in our W2 whiskey course.

The bag consists of the following :

- Crushed Maize

- Crushed wheat

- Crushed rye

- Malted sorghum

- Malted barley

use 6L water

After separating the solids/liquid, there should be between 4.5 and 5L wort. (depending on how well you separated the grain from the wort!)

Remember to use a few drops of Dextrolique for pre-malting to make the mash more liquid before conversion and then also Dextrolique/Sugralique for better final conversions.

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