Fast Digital Density meter

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Eliminate any user influence on your alcohol measurements

  • Temperature correction of results is done automatically: no need for temperature correction tables!
  • Values are shown in %v/v (corrected to 20 °C or 15 °C for the Japanese market) or °Proof (corrected to 60 °F)
  • Get traceable results due to sample identification
  • Read results from the large color screen, or store them and print or export them to a PC via Bluetooth® later on
  • Fine-tune your spirit’s alcoholic strength with an accuracy of 0.1 %v/v and save valuable pure distilled spirits
  • Ensures what is on the label is in the bottle
  • Calibration and adjustments are easy to perform with deionized water, following the prescribed method
Use the same alcohol meter for pure and ready-to-drink spirits
  • Alcohol measuring range from 0 %v/v to 100 %v/v
  • All your glass hydrometers are replaced by one digital meter
  • You can use it during all stages of spirits production
  • The sugar concentration in fruit juices can also be measured
  • If you already have an alcohol meter in your lab, use this meter for additional quick checks during production or for intake control

Perform your alcohol measurements on-site in 30 seconds

  • 2 mL of sample are taken directly from the storage container with the help of the built-in pump
  • Gesture control enables one-hand operation so you can hold steady when measuring difficult to reach samples
  • Convenient left- and right-handed use
  • The alcohol content, compensated to the reference temperature, is shown on the 2.8 inch display.
  • The newly designed metal bracket ensures a stable, balanced positioning of the instrument on the sample container.

Rugged design for a long working life

  • Robust measuring cell made of metal (Inconel)
  • Splash-proof housing
  • Operation via capacitive keys
  • Hard-glass front
  • Designed for on-site use at the storage location of your spirits
  • Shipped in a protective transportation case

Payment terms:

  1. Payment on order
  2. Delivery 30-40 days after order

Measuring range Alcohol: 0 % v/v to 100 % v/v
Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
(automatic temperature correction)
Accuracy Alcohol: 0.1 % v/v
Temperature: 0.1 °C (0.2 °F)
Repeatability to ISO 5725 Alcohol: 0.05 % v/v
Temperature: 0.05 °C (0.1 °F)
Reproducibility to ISO 5725 Alcohol: 0.07 %v/v
Ambient temperature -10 °C to +50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
Measuring principle Oscillating U-tube technology
Supported measuring units
  • Alcohol concentration in %v/v (at 20 °C or at 15 °C) or °Proof
  • Density
  • Sugar/extract concentration in °Brix or °Plato
  • Ten programmable custom-specific measuring units
Internal Storage 1024 measured results, 250 sample IDs, 30 measuring methods
Power supply Three 1.5 V LR06 AA alkaline batteries
Sample volume 2 mL
Dimension 468 mm x 108 mm x 119 mm
Weight 860 g
Interfaces Bluetooth® (data transfer to a PC or printer), RFID (sample identification)
Protection class IP54
Optional available accessories Wristband, rubber protection housing for the operating panel, portable Bluetooth® printer, Bluetooth® USB adapter
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