Desktop Easy Still Kit (Stainless Steel) - Advanced Temperature Control

R 3,895.00

The easiest still ever to operate! No cooling water plumbing required.

Just plug it in, set and distill.  Easy as that.

R 3,895.00
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This must be the easiest still and fermentation setup ever.

Use it to make your own whisky, brandy, rum, essential oils, hydrosol and distilled water.

It is as easy as: Make a fermentation in the still at your required temperature, wait until the fermentation is complete, then press a button to distill it! Really as easy as that.

The Desktop Easy Still kit includes the following:

  1. 4L filling capacity
  2. Programmable fermentor - also used as the still boiler.
  3. Glass distillate container with handle and silicone bottom protection
  4. Botanical basket (for steaming grain or making essential oils)
  5. Straining bag for easy clean fermentations
  6. Boiler cleaning granules (for cleaning mineral deposits in boiler - especially if you have hard water)
  7. Air condenser for cooling without any water with lifting handle
  8. Activated carbon for making vodka from sugar
  9. Instruction manual for sugar, fruit and grain based spirits, essential oils and distilled water.


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