C1 - Introduction to Distilling (Distilling Theory) - 9 October 2021

R 1,200.00


A 1-day theoretical classroom based course.

Obtain a complete Theoretical Overview of Fermentation, Distillation and Spirit Enhancement during a (typical) one day Theoretical Class.

PLEASE NOTE: C1 is a prerequisite for all our other Spirit Related and Still Operations courses, except C10 - Comprehensive Distilling and W4 - Gin and Botanicals.

It is not required for courses relating to Fermentation, Essential Oils or, Fruit Wine Making but it is recommended for Vacuum Distillation Training, as well as our Craft Distilling Business Course.

R 1,200.00
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Course Contents

Spirit Production Overview

  • Alcoholic Beverages, Feedstocks and Method Examples
  • The Role of Geographical Naming Differences
  • Legislation for Home Distilling
  • Legislation for Commercial Distilling
  • Safety during Distilling
  • Responsible Drinking

Fermentation Overview

  • Fermentable and Non-Fermentable Sugars
  • Starch Conversion
  • Types and Roles of Enzymes in Distillation Fermentations
  • Congener Formation and Control
  • Fermentation Components
  • Sugar Measurements and Sugar Calculations
  • Yeast and Yeast Requirements
  • Successful and Failed Fermentations - Trouble Shooting and Fixing

Distillation Overview

  • What is Distillation?
  • Distillation Physics
  • Use of the Phase Diagram during Distillation
  • Development of Still Types
  • The Role of Copper in Stills
  • Heads, Hearts, Tails and other Fractions
  • Effect of Boiling Rate on Fractions
  • Fractional Distillation or Precision Distillation
  • Spirit Enhancement
  • Simple Enhancement Techniques
  • Enhancement by Removal

Enhancement Overview

  • Enhancement by Addition
  • Enhancement by Removal
  • Enhancement by Transformation

Course Fees include:

  • Printed course manual 
  • Snacks and refreshments
  • Pen and paper

You would require:

  • To arrive no later then 07:45.

Please Note:

Course runs from 08:-00 - 17:00 at Distillique training facility.

Unit 12E Coachman's crescent business park

26 Jakaranda street, Hennopspark, Centurion, 0157

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