42 lt Round Still (36 lt Usable Volume)

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The 42lt Round Still has a total volume of 42 liters when filled from the top, and 36 liters when filled through the Man Hole.

A standard 4 inch ferrule fitting connects the boiler to the vapor chamber, and can serve as a mounting point for a 4 inch fractionating column as well.

The 1.5 inch fitting on top of the Copper Vapour chamber can fit either a Stainless Steel Reflux Extension, or a Glass Reflux Bubble Plate Extension.

Standard fittings that come with the still are:

2 kW Element

Glass Element Monitoring Port

Large Butterfly Drain Valve

Removable Perforated False Bottom Plate

Boiler Temperature Thermometer

Pressure Release Valve

Large Glass Manhole

Copper Vapour Chamber

Vapour Temperature Thermometer

2 x 90 degree Bends

2 x 200 mm Extensions (or 200 mm Extension and 45 degree bend)

1.5 inch to 2.0 inch Reducer

2 inch Gatling Gun Condenser

Surge Arrestor

Parrot with Drain Valve

Ginning Head with Drain Valve

Control Box with Temperature Control and Timer Control

Spare Element

0 - 100 Alcoholmeter

Optional extras for this still include:

Stainless Steel Reflux Extension

Glass Bubble Plate Reflux Extension

4 inch Bubble Plate T-Sections

4 inch Column (4 plate or 6 plate)

Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Flask

Essential Oil Extension

Inline Ginning Section

NOTE: This still does not come with hose or connectors to enable customers to fit their own system. Optional Hose Kit is available however.


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