4 lt Glass Distilling Kit (D1)

R 4,950.00

R 4,950.00
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The glass Distilling Kit is an extremely versatile, and nice looking, piece of equipment.


Made out of toughened glass, the unit is unique in its ability to switch between Essential Oil extraction and spirit distillation with minimal effort. Standard wisdom will tell you that a copper or stainless steel unit cannot be used for both processes without some serious cleaning using acid and alkaline to remove all oil residue, but this unit can be cleaned just by popping it in the dishwasher, and be ready to use again as new.


Equipped with a magnetic plate, the unit can be run off an Induction Plate or gas, and comes with a silicon botanical basket, which allows for Essential Oil extraction or Gin infusion using either vapor infusion or infused distillation techniques.


This specific unit - the D1 - comes with a higher reflux condenser mounted on top of the boiler , allowing the same condenser water to not only condense the spirit, but also increase the reflux within the vapor path. This allows the user to distill less aromatic products like Whisky, Neutral Spirit (from a white sugar wash), and low profile Rums.


To allow for sulphide removal during the distillation of fermentations, each unit comes with 5 removable copper mesh sheets that can be placed inside the vapor path. These are reusable can can be cleaned with a weak citric acid and warm water solution.


In addition to the boiler, reflux condenser, magnetic plate and silicon botanical basket, each unit also comes with an essentier - to automatically separate essential oils and hydrosols, a small retort stand for the essentier, a wide neck glass receiving vessel with lid (for storage, aeration and infusion), as well as all piping, connections and fitting.


The total volume of the spherical pot is 4L, and the maximum effective volume is 3.5L.

 To avoid damage to the unit, when doing an Essential Oil Extraction, Infusion or Distillation, it is recommended that you do not use less than 1.5 lt of liquid in the boiler.

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