4 Inch 6 Plate Column (Column Only)

R 25,650.00

R 25,650.00
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The column is modular and can be operated with less than 6 plates when required (easy to add and remove plates) or additional plates can be fitted. Provision must be made to add a ginning head and spirit condenser extension pipe if required. 

This column can fit onto a boiler between 50 and 150 lt in size with a 4 inch tri-clover ferrule. It does not come with hose kit and coolant flow control fittings. These can either be purchased separately, or you can consider our 4 inch 4 plate Column (Complete Kit).

Product description: 

  • 6 s/steel T-sections mirror polished inside and out
  • 6 copper bubble plates with bubble caps 
  • 6 x inspection glasses, seals and fittings
  • Ethanol and heat resistant seals and tri-clover clamps
  • Main reflux condenser
  • Reducer with thermowell and digital thermometer 
  • 180 degree bend or 2 x 90 degree elbows (to allow ginning head to be fitted if required)
  • Spirit condenser
  • Surge arrestor
  • Distilling parrot

Terms and conditions:

  • If not in stock, normally takes between 8-16 weeks for delivery
  • 70% payment on order and 30% on delivery.


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