Separation funnel: 2000ml

R 1,750.00

R 1,750.00
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During steam distillation of botanical material, the distillate will contain at least two parts: Essential oils and the Hydrosol. In most cases the top layer will be the essential oil layer and the bottom layer will be the hydrosol (depending on the density of the oil). These two layers can easily be separated using this separation funnel.  

Using the glass separation funnel: 

  • Before use, remove the plastic tap from the funnel. 
  • Lubricate the outside of the plastic tap with a small amount food grade grease or petroleum jelly.
  • Place the tap back into the funnel. 
  • Repeat the lubrication process once you feel the tap is not opening and closing smoothly. If these taps are not lubricated on a regular basis they could become stuck inside the funnel. These taps may NEVER be forced open as they could cause the spout of  separation funnel to break. 

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Terms and conditions: 

  • Although we take great care to properly package glass items, Distillique will not refund or replace any items broken during shipping or after handling by client. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.
  • 7 working days lead time applicable should the item be on pre-order/back order.
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