Measuring Cylinder Plastic 100 ml
This ethanol resistant 100ml poly-propelene measuring cylinder can be used to measure small amounts of liquids in 1ml increments starting from 10ml.  The length of this measuring cylinder can easily accommodate the 0-100% ABV alcohol meter short or the alcohol...
R 72.00
Measuring Cylinder Plastic 250 ml
Ethanol resistant 250ml plastic measuring cylinder. Ideal to accurately measure liquids or to use with the 0-100% alcohol meter long Product Specification:  250ml volume  Measures in 5 ml increments starting from 25ml   
R 110.00
Measuring Cylinder Plastic 500 ml
500ml Tough plastic laboratory grade alcohol resistant measuring cylinder with pouring spout and graduations. Ideal for accurate alcohol volume measurements.  Product Specifications:  500ml volume  Measures in 5ml increments starting from 50ml 
R 195.00
Measuring Cylinder Plastic 1000 ml
1000ml alcohol resistant laboratory grade plastic measuring cylinder with graduations. Ideal for accurate alcohol volume measurements up to 1L  Product Specifications:  Measures in 10ml increments starting from 100ml  1000ml volume   
R 295.00
Measuring Beaker Plastic 2000 ml
2000ml measuring beaker - ethanol resistant plastic Product specifications:  Carry handle on side.  measures in 100ml increments  2000ml total volume 
R 65.00
Gardena Smart Flow Meter (Digital)
The innovative GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter allows targeted irrigation that is measured and mindful. At a glance, you can see the water consumption per day and the current flow in liter per minute. The consumed water quantity can be...
R 580.00
Laboratory pack
This laboratory pack is ideal for any craft distillery. This kit contains the essential laboratory typically used in your day to day processes.   Pack contents:  1 x 0-100% abv alcohol meter long  30- 40% abv accurate (0.1%) alcohol meter 40-50%...
R 6,090.00
Measuring Cylinder Plastic 2000 ml
2000ml alcohol resistant tough laboratory grade plastic measuring cylinder with graduations. Ideal for accurate alcohol volume measurements. Product Specification:  2000ml volume  Measures in 20ml increments starting form 200ml 
R 280.00
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Round Whiskey Jigger (30ml)
Product description: A 30ml Round whiskey measuring jigger Specifications:  30ml Stainless steel  Size: Approx. 120x42x42mm Perfect for the home or bar to pour those perfect drinks Engraving option: If you choose the engraved option, please specify writing in your order...
R 150.00
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Water flow meter Rotameter
Product Specifications: DN20, 3/4 PVC weld connection Working pressure: 0.6 MPa Operating Temperature : 0-60 degrees Celsius 
R 620.00
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Ethanol Flow meter 01
A flow meter suitable for using with ethanol: Digital readout Resettable to zero Maximum liquid temperature: 60C Ethanol resistant (up to 96% abv) Flow rate: 0.3L/min up to 2L/min Estimated battery life: 4 to 7 years. (easily replaceable) Fits onto...
R 3,600.00
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