C1 - ONLINE - Introduction to Distilling (Distilling Theory)
This course is now online and available form our Internet learning platform. Learners from outside South Africa: To ship your printed course manual (i.e. more than 700 pages on C10) to your physical address, it costs us quite a bit...
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Molasses: Treacle 1
Product Description: Treacle 1 has more fermentable sugars, but less flavor. Ideal for light rum production.Typical analysis:  Total Brix - 80.8Invert sugar - 51.57%Total fermentable sugars - 72%Sucrose - 13.23 Note:  Each batch will have slight differences in their fermentable...
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Molasses: Treacle 3
Product Description:  Treacle 3 has less fermentable sugars then treacle 1, but has more flavour. Ideal for heavier rum production. The addition of additional sugar is advised when an increase of alcohol yield is wanted. Typical Analysis: Total Brix - 79.80Invert sugar...
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W5 - ONLINE High Brix Raw Material Course (Light - Gold - Dark - Spiced Rum)
This online course will enable you to utilise and High Brix Content Raw Material for either your final Product (in the case of a Rum Style Product) or for your base spirit (in the case of a contemporary Gin). PLEASE...
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Yeast: MTR01 (100g) for Molasses
Description This yeast strain is selected to produce rum and other cane-based spirits. Isolated in a tropical region from cane molasses, this strain demonstrates high temperature tolerance. Recommended for Used for cane-juice based spirits and molasses. Dosage For fermentations smaller...
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