20L Vacuum still

R 184,500.00

R 184,500.00
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This all-glass still will allow you to experiment with and produce the most awesome separations you can think of.

Typical fruit brandies may have more than 40 different aromatic compounds that, with normal stills, cannot be separated into individual fractions. This all-glass still will allow you to compress and cut these fractions as fine as you can!

It is suitable for "normal" distilling, vacuum and low temperature distilling, precision fractionating distilling... and limited only by your imagination and distilling skills!

Features and overall description:

An all-glass but robust still for experimental work but also capable of operating on an industrial duty basis. 3.55 m tall with a footprint of approximately 850mm x 1400mm.

Still can be operated under strong vacuum (i.e. 30 Torr), under no vacuum (i.e. open to atmosphere) and also under slight pressure (0.2Bar above ambient).

The still has a boiler cum reactor unit. This allows the addition of reactive agents to the reactor/boiler even while boiling and under vacuum.

A cold trap and double receiving vessels allow the still to be linked to a proper vacuum pump without any dangers of volatile gasses reaching the pump bearings and seals while increasing distillate yield.

Reactor (Boiler): 20L all glass

Bottom drain valve

Galvanised mild steel framework. S/Steel or epoxy coated framework on request at additional cost. Heating and cooling bath mantle with thermostatic control for heating
76mm Glass ring packing in all glass 3-inch column. Glass ring packing can be easily removed and be replaced with copper mesh, ceramic raschig rings or any other packing material.

All glass reflux control/dividing head with thermometer well below dividing head.

Cold trap to 1) increase yield and 2) prevent solvent gas to enter vacuum pump
5L addition flask to allow the addition of reactive or non-reactive liquids to enter the reactor (boiler) even when boiling and under vacuum. 2 x collecting vessels for collecting and draining distillate while rest of column is under vacuum. All seals used in the still are Teflon (PTFE) seals with mechanical adjusters to ensure seal effectiveness. Seals are replaceable using standard, off-the-shelf PTFE

This still is delivered in wooden crates with ample polystyrene and shredded paper to prevent breakage. However, care should be taken when unpacking the still.

As assembling the still is quite intricate, and definitely not straight forward, we have included assembling (2-days) and delivery (to main centra) in the price. Outlaying areas (as defined by "The Courier Guy") will incur additional costs. If you decide to assemble the unit yourself, there will unfortunately be no warranty on the unit.

During assembling, the following is performed:

1. Framework is built where the still should stand

2. All components are assembled, fitted and secured in place with each seal checked and adjusted individually.

3. The unit will be plugged into your 32A 220V power supply

4. The heating bath will be filled with water and an alcohol/water solution added into the reactor(boiler).

5. The unit will then be switched on and tested for leakages, correct auto-switch off tested and checked for other areas of functioning.

6. You will be guided as to the programming of the auto-switch and other controls.

For installation you should provide:

1. Level concrete floor surface where still is to be installed.

2. Electrical wall plug (220V, 32A) within 2m from Still electrical control box

3. 2 x A-frame ladders (3.4m) for use during the installation

4. Additional items (if required) as listed hereunder

Not included in the price: (as this might vary depending on the purpose of distillation):

1. Coolant supply (for main condenser)- in Most cases cool water (i.e. <20C) might be sufficient (i.e. municipal water inlet and water drain outlet)

2. Coolant supply (for cold trap) - for potable alcohol distillations, this can again be just cold water, but for extreme cases ethylene glycol (freezes at -12C) or even propylene glycol (freezes at -59C) might be used. With these extreme temperatures and distillations, care should be taken not to have a temperature dropping rate of more than 20C per hour to prevent temperature differential stresses in the glassware of the cold trap.

3. Vacuum pump or water aspirator (depending on your requirements). To select a suitable pump/water aspirator, two parameters are to be known: Maximum vacuum you will require (Usually measured in Torr) and the evacuation rate of the pump (Usually specified in Liter/Minute).

This rate will depend on the required speed of distillation and also the volatility of the liquids involved.

We would be able to assist you in specifying and acquiring the required vacuum source. On non-alcoholic vacuum/extreme distillations we may however charge a fee to perform the necessary research and perform the required calculations (it can get very tricky!)

4. Travel and accommodation (2-nights) for two installation technicians.

Now you can distil all those weird, wonderful, exotic and even the mundane components, aromas and fractions found, not only in spirits, but also in natural extractions of botanicals, resins and all things that "smell" and have "taste"!

Be prepared to move beyond your comfort zone in true adventure style. It's a whole new world of flavours, aromas and all things weird and wonderful!

Tight budget?

Talk to us about our demo unit.

This still is used for training and demo purposes only and has been used less than 10 times to date (Nov 2019). It is in perfect working condition.

If you decide to go this route, the following would apply:

1. The demo unit is in working order and sold "voetstoots" as it is on the floor. 

2. Packaging suitable for cautious handling and transport via "non-potholed" tarred roads.

3. Transport not included. You arrange your own transport or we could deliver it with our truck at R6.50 per kilometre return trip.

4. Availability will be according to our training schedule on this column.

5. Price for demo unit: R75 000.00 (VAT Incl).

6. If assembling is required by Distillique, we could do that at our normal daily rate, with transport and accommodation (if required) rates additional.


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