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Chemical hose (25 mm) x 30M
Chemical resistant hose specifications: Max temperature - +100°C Bar - 16 Steam 110°C PHTHALATE free FDA approved Alcoholic beverages 0 - 95% ABV 25mm 30meter length
R 19,200.00
Impelllor T25
R 3,850.00
Impelllor T25
Replacement impellor for a 2500 pump.
R 3,850.00
Pump S/steel 2500 with trolley
Product description: Food grade stainless steel pump with neoprene flexible propellor. Suitable for mashes, wines, alcohol transfer etc. Specification: Mounted on Stainless steel trolley 2500 Liter per hour capacity up to 4 bar pressure (i.e. can be used for high-prsssure...
R 33,930.00

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