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CoppaShine Treatment
Never polish your copper still again! Product description:  Bring or send your copper ware to us and we will treat it with the amazing CoppaShine solution. The CoppaShine treatment will bring old tarnished copper back to life and protect it...
R 8,510.00
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Premium Alembic 5lt Copper Potstill (Handmade in Portugal)
Product description: Hand beaten copper at it's best. 100% copper with brass fittings. This still allows you to distil a good 2-4 bottles (750ml) of spirits at 43% alcohol per batch depending on the alcohol content within the fermented product.  ...
R 8,595.00
Silicon Sealing tape
A most amazing self-fusing silicon tape to seal pot stills, copper piping and tubing, Stretch the tape, 3 Meters wrap it around the hood and pot of a copper pot still, let it overlap a bit and stick it to...
R 99.00
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