Pneumatic Straight 1/2 Inch to 12 mm
A pneumaic water connecton for connecting your water connections with a straight.
R 75.00
Pneumatic Needle Valve 12 mm
A pneumatic needle valve 12mm to 12mm to control your water flow from the condenser on your clumn.
R 155.00
Pneumatic Y-Connector 12 mm
A pneumatic Y connection 12mm for connecting 2 pipes into one from your condensers.
R 23.00
Brass thermowell for pneumatic T piece
A brass insert to go into your T pneumatic 12mm water connection for your digital thermometer to fit in to take an accurate reading of the temperature of your water. Ideal to use with the digital thermometer with probe and...
R 179.00
Pneumatic T-Connector 12 mm
A pneumatic T piece water connection for your water piping.
R 65.00
Pneumatic Elbow 1/2 Inch to 12 mm
A pneumatic fitting with 1/2 inch thread to 12mm pneumatic hose connector.
R 75.00
Pneumatic Elbow 3/8 Inch to 12 mm
A pneumatic elbow to connect water piping.
R 75.00
Pneumatic Straight 3/8 Inch to 12 mm
A pneumaic water connecton for connecting your water connections with a straight from the thread of the condenser.
R 75.00
13L Round Still Hose Kit
Product description:  The hose kit is specifically for the 13L Round still. This kit contains:  1 x Pneumatic 1/2 straight 1 x Pneumatic flow control valve 1 x Gardena hose fitting  3m x Pneumatic hose (Blue) 3m x Pneumatic hose...
R 380.00
Pneumatic elbow 12mm to 12mm
A pneumatic elbow 12mm to 12mm.
R 44.00
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