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Agave Juice (5l)

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Please note collection only or via own courier service, Distillique will not make use of courier services for the juice. 

Frozen juice in 5l bottle with carry handle.

100% pure Agave Juice, from wood fire roasted Karoo Agave

 This product has gone through the traditional Agave processing steps, oven roasted for multiple days on wood fires, and the juice then extracted through pressing.

 Brix content of the juice may vary between 10 and 16% - Brix content will be specified on product.


NOTE: The flavor profile of the Agave Juice is VERY intense. Some home distillers may prefer only add some of this juice to a Dextrose Fermentation to flavor the fermentation. The end result will not be a pure agave spirit of course, but it will tone down the intense smokiness which many South Africans are not used too.

The conversion of the inulin contained within Agave Pina’s is a process that is traditionally done through baking the Agave in an oven for 24 to 48 hours (if not longer) and thereafter letting it cool for a further 16 to 48 hours.


Although modern processes use autoclave systems and steam to speed up this process, the result of this is a loss in the smoky aroma and flavors contained in traditional Agave Spirits and Tequilas.


The Agave juice we supply is made in the traditional manner – slow baked over wood fires – and therefore contain a pungent and deep smoky aroma and flavor in the best traditions of the category.


This process is very difficult to replicate at home or on a small scale, so therefore it is almost impossible for a Home Distiller to produce an Agave Spirit. Even Agave Nectar – readily available at health food shops – does not contain the traditional flavor and aroma characteristics of proper Agave Juice, and therefore cannot be used to produced a proper Agave Spirit.


NOTE: As previously mentioned, the flavor and aroma is quite intense, and will not appeal to everyone. A more acceptable manner of diluting the flavor and aroma, instead of adding some Agave Juice to a Sugar Wash, is to make an Agave Nectar or Agave Syrup wash, and mix the Agave Juice into that.


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