20l Sauvignon Blanc Juice

R 995.00

R 995.00
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Packed in sealed 20lt Tote Bags, this aseptic juice is cultivar specific - true Wine Grape

The Brix of 21.3% is sufficient for 12.4% ABV in a dry fermentation, and the flavor and aroma profile is incredibly intense.

So, if you are making Wine to Drink, or Wine to Distill, this is the raw material for you.


Aseptic Juice has an incredibly long shelf life, even though it contains no preservatives - once opened it will however spontaneously start fermenting due to wild grape yeasts present in this unadulterated juice.

Although Wild yeast fermentations are popular among some users, we recommend that you pitch yeast and nutrients for more predictable and better results.

Please note as this is packed in a 20l Tote bag, our courier company will not insure any this product therefore we will not take responsibility if the item is damaged during transit and unfortunately will not be replaced. However we will pack the Tote in a box and secure it the best we can to avoid such circumstances


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