Digital pH Meter (Lab)
0-14.00 PH LCD displays PH and Temperature Built in temp sensor with ATC  Temp 0-50° C  Resolution PH 0.01 Accuracy PH ± 0.02 Battery: 4 1.5V Button Batteries included Colour Grey & Blue Suitable for home or laboratory use.  The...
R 1,495.00
Digital pH Meter: Improved model
Digital pH meter to reliably and accurately determine the pH of your mash, beer or water. Product description: PH 1- 14 Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) Resolution 0.1 pH Accuracy ±0.1 pH Operating Temperature 0°C - 60°C Temperature Compensation 0°C -...
R 280.00
Fermentation Bottle: 5000ml
Ideal bottle (with Cap) to do 5 litre experimental fermentation batches.
R 12.00
Fermentation Bucket: 25L
Food grade white plastic bucket (25 Litre) with carry handle and lid - ideal for 20L fermentations Product description: This buckets lid comes with a pre-drilled center hole in lid to fit the fermentation lock with silicone bung (fermentation lock not...
R 115.00
Fermentation lock with Bung (Bubbler or Airlock)
It is ideal for fermentations up to 50L.   Product description: Each Fermentation Lock consists out of the lock and a bung to seal the lock into the fermentation lid, and a cover cap to keep out insect or contamination. Robust,...
R 28.00
SG Hydrometer Triple Scale SG - Brix - Alcohol Potential
Please note glass items will not be covered by courier services, and is solely up to the client to accept responsibility should these items get damaged in transit. Distillique will not re-fund nor replace items broken during shipping. This is...
R 120.00

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