STC1000 Temperature controller and sensor
Product description: The STC1000 Temperature controller makes it easy to control the temperature of your fermentation by switching heating and cooling equipment (or solenoids) on or off. The cooling circuit could be switched on/off with a time delay to prevent...
R 320.00
SSR 40VA Variable Control
Solid State switching Relay 1. 40 VA switching capacity 2. Switching 24 - 380VAC 3. Brand may differ from image. 4. 500k  
R 450.00
Thermocouple Probe (3m)
Product Specifications:  K Type thermocouple probe  Operating Temperature:-100–1250°C  Probe Material:Stainless Steel Probe Diameter:5mm Threads Size:8mm Probe Length: 3m
R 250.00
Programmable Temperature Controller Components
Kit content:  Programmable temperature controller (PID) (SSR) Thermocouple probe 1 meter K type SSR 40DA Solid state relay to switch up to 40 Ampere current. 24-380VAC, 3-32VDC Terms and conditions:  Please see our return policy  Please see our warranty policy ...
R 950.00
R 410.00
Solid State switching Relay 1. 40 DA switching capacity 2. Switching 24 - 380VAC  
R 410.00
Float switch S/s
Used to detect the level of liquid within a tank. The switch may be used in a pump, an indicator, an alarm, or other devices.
R 300.00
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R 2,400.00
Product description: Intelligent single-phase ac power voltage regulator module designed by single-chip microcomputer. Widely used in lighting equipment, temperature  control equipment, Ac motor soft start, Ac train wave speed control, and other power automatic adjustment units. Can't control AC motor speed!...
R 2,400.00
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380V Soft starter controller 2kw
Product Description:The soft start module now has three programs: TSR-40WA-R1 has soft start and no soft stop TSR-40WA-R2 has soft start and soft stop. TSR-40WA-R3 has soft start and soft stop (soft stop to 0) The three-phase motor soft start...
R 2,732.00
STC Humidity controller
STC Humidity controller modes of operation: The unit will turn on heating/cooling when humidity drops to a set % (HM) The unit will turn on heating/cooling when humidity reaches a set % Unit runs off 220 AC. Humidity measuring range...
R 1,200.00
Temperature controller for oil jacket heating
Product specifications:  Digital temperature controller Thermocouple Power supply 220v - 24VDC / 2 Ampere 3 phase SSR Heat sink with fan 3 x Ampere meters Filter kits Cooling fan 220 VAC
R 6,970.00

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