Forest berry (100g)

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R 90.00
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Forest berry is a unique and delicious blend of different types of berries and hibiscus flowers that can be used to add a burst of fruity and floral flavors to gin and other alcoholic beverages such as gin, mead, liqueurs, vodka etc.  

When used in gin production, forest berry can be added during the vapor infusion or direct infusion process, depending on the desired outcome. The infusion method will impact the intensity of the flavor and colour of the final product.

Due to its strong and aromatic profile, forest berry has the potential to overpower the juniper flavor, which is a key ingredient in gin. However, when used in moderation, it can create a perfectly balanced and flavorful spirit that is both fruity and floral.

In addition to its delicious flavor, forest berry is also known for its striking pink to red colour when added directly into the spirit during direct infusion, creating a classic "pink drink". 

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