8 Inch 6 Plate Column (Complete Kit)
The still is modular and can be operated with less than 6 plates when required (easy to add and remove plates) or additional plates can be fitted. Provision is made to add a ginning head and spirit condenser extension pipe...
R 99,995.00
Gin bag (6 inch)
A ginning bag made out of muslin cloth for your 6 inch gin section, this can be washed and re-used numerous times. With string to close the bag once it is inside the column. This bag is suitable to fill...
R 125.00
W4 - ONLINE Infused Spirits Course (Gin and Botanicals, Spiced Rum)
This online course covers everything you need to know in order to work with Botanicals and do infusions. You will learn to make Gin - the most common Spirit Category where these techniques are used, but the same techniques may...
R 1,500.00
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