13L Round Still (Pre-Order)
Purchase at our old price before 2024 price increase. Expected arrival February - March 2024 Product description: Definitely a great conversation starter ... and party enhancer! This still is the perfect desktop unit. It produces between 4-6 750ml bottles of...
R 12,700.00
4 inch Complete T-section (Bubble Plate, Clamp and Seal)
Extend your still column to increase distilling efficiency and purity. Complete 4-inch bubble T-section with: S/Steel T-section sight glass Sight glass seal Screw on sightglass cover T-section Seal T-section tri-clamp Copper bubble-plate Copper bubble caps Copper bubble cap risers S/Steel...
R 2,495.00
13L Round Still Reflux Extension
Product description:  The reflux extension is designed to allow for purer spirit production, especially when producing neutral spirits. The extension pipe is filled with copper mesh to absorb any sulfites that was not absorbed by the copper alembic head, as...
R 2,999.00
13L Round Still Hose Kit
Product description:  The hose kit is specifically for the 13L Round still. This kit contains:  1 x Pneumatic 1/2 straight 1 x Pneumatic flow control valve 1 x Gardena hose fitting  3m x Pneumatic hose (Blue) 3m x Pneumatic hose...
R 380.00
Vacuum Distillation Accessory Kit
Product description: This kit serves as a collection tank and regulates the amount of vacuum applied when doing vacuum distillation.  This kit includes: 1000ml Vacuum Glass bottle x1 Glass bleeder valve x1 Brass connector x1 You might also like:  Water...
R 1,395.00
Water Circulation Vacuum Pump
Benefits of vacuum distillation for gin: Boil at a much lower temperature Preserve aromas that are temperature sensitive When using the round still for ginning you will be able to extract those wonderful flavors from certain botanicals which change their...
R 8,950.00
Sold Out
4 Inch 6 Plate Column (Complete Kit)
This column can be fitted on any 50-150L boiler with a 4 inch tri-clover ferrule. Its modular design allows for the addition of more T-sections.  Provision is made to add a ginning head if required.  Product description: 6 s/steel T-sections...
R 26,650.00
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