Sold Out
Fermentation tank coolant hose kit
Hose kit consisting of: 2 x 3m High pressure polycop 15mm pipe 2 x brass elbows 1 x flow control valve 4 x 15mm brass connectors
R 560.00
Fermentation Temperature control box
Product description: A digital control panel to display fermentation temperature, set upper and lower control temperatures. Activates a flow control solenoid valve - set and forget! It could also be installed to control heating water in cold places to heat up...
R 3,900.00
Water cooler 5000
Highly efficient evaporative water cooler that recycles hot water from stills and mash tuns. This allows you to save thousands of liters of water in your craft distillery.   These units are excellent to use with low ambient humidity levels. With...
R 43,500.00
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