4 inch Complete T-section (Bubble Plate, Clamp and Seal)
Extend your still column to increase distilling efficiency and purity. Complete 4-inch bubble T-section with: S/Steel T-section sight glass Sight glass seal Screw on sightglass cover T-section Seal T-section tri-clamp Copper bubble-plate Copper bubble caps Copper bubble cap risers S/Steel...
R 2,495.00
Stand for boiler (100 liter)
R 1,500.00
Stand for boiler (100 liter)
A Stand for your 100 liter boiler for the conveniance of height and draining.
R 1,500.00
W20 - Plate Column Still Operations Training
A fun day learning how to distil with a partial fractioning still (as used by most craft distillers) in one simple course! Master Principle: • Reflux and ABV Control – Controlling the strength of spirits Workshop contents: • Introduction o...
R 2,600.00
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