C1 - ONLINE - Introduction to Distilling (Distilling Theory)
This course is now online and available form our Internet learning platform. Learners from outside South Africa: To ship your printed course manual (i.e. more than 700 pages on C10) to your physical address, it costs us quite a bit...
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Calcium Carbonate (100g)
Calcium Carbonate is primarily used in the alcohol industry to increase the pH of fermentations (makes is less acidic). It should be used in higher concentrations compared to potassium carbonate (almost double the amount should be added). Note that your...
R 15.00
Citric acid (100g)
Citric acid is naturally derived from citrus fruits and allows for quick acid adjustments in fermentations. It is also the preferred acid to use for copper cleaning.  How to use:  To adjust fermentation pH - add 0,2 - 0,5 grams...
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DAP (Di-ammonium phosphate)
R 55.00
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DAP (Di-ammonium phosphate)
Product Description: Di-ammonium phosphate is an inorganic form of nitrogen that rapidly releases nitrogen in a mash for yeast growth. Many mashes are low on nitrogen and a major cause for stuck fermentations. Adding DAP to mashes allows vigorous yeast...
R 55.00
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Digital pH Meter (Lab)
0-14.00 PH LCD displays PH and Temperature Built in temp sensor with ATC  Temp 0-50° C  Resolution PH 0.01 Accuracy PH ± 0.02 Battery: 4 1.5V Button Batteries included Colour Grey & Blue Suitable for home or laboratory use.  The...
R 1,495.00
Digital pH Meter: Improved model
Digital pH meter to reliably and accurately determine the pH of your mash, beer or water. Product description: PH 1- 14 Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) Resolution 0.1 pH Accuracy ±0.1 pH Operating Temperature 0°C - 60°C Temperature Compensation 0°C -...
R 280.00
PH Test Strips: pH 1-14
Electronic pH meter too expensive? Use the universal indicator paper to determine the pH of your mash. 100 test papers per box, includes 1 ph color chart from ph 1-14 This pack includes 100 strips.  Please note that pH tests...
R 195.00
pH test strips: pH 2.8 to 4.4 for wine
Electronic pH meter too expensive? Use our wine (fruit or sugar wash) pH test strips (ph from 2.8 to 4.4 in steps of 0.4) Comes in boxes with 50 test strips
R 170.00
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Potassium Carbonate
R 49.00
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Potassium Carbonate
Product Description: Potassium Carbonate is used by distillers to buffer the mash against pH changes and to prevent it from going too low. The ideal pH for mashes being prepared for distilling is between 3,5 and 4.5.  Dosage:  To reduce...
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Y1 - ONLINE - Yeast and Fermentation Foundation Course
This course is now online and available form our Internet learning platform. Once we receive your payment, a printed course manual will be couriered to you with a voucher number (local in South Africa) and a link where you can...
R 1,500.00
Yeast activator (100g)
Yeast activator contains important micro-nutrients necessary for healthy yeast growth. Enhances yeast cell wall thickness to withstand shock against high sugar and acid conditions during inoculation. Yeast activator allows for healthier yeast and therefore a faster start to the fermentation. ...
R 145.00
Yeast Nutrients (100g)
Yeast nutrients are essential to provide yeast with minerals vitamins and other nutrients to support yeast growth and activity during fermentation. This special Distillique blend consists out of inorganic nitrogen (allow for the fast release of nitrogen for immediate use...
R 110.00
Yeast: DC 1118 (100g)
Description DC-118 is known for its robust and reliable fermentation kinetics with high alcohol tolerance. This is one of the most used yeast strains by distillers. Its sensory contribution is considered neutral, as it gives very little yeast sensory contribution...
R 160.00
Yeast: Distillers yeast (100g)
Description Suited for a wide range of winemaking applications, particularly for production of fresh and fruity white wine styles, as well as early release fruit driven red wines and wines made by carbonic maceration. Distillers yeast is known to produce...
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Yeast: DW- 47 (100g)
Description DW- 47 produces floral and citrus driven aromas during fermentation which enhances the overall aroma complexity of the product. It is ideal for citrus fruit fermentations.  Used for:  Good for most types of fruit fermentations, especially citrus.  Dosage For...
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Yeast: DW-4600 (100g)
Description Wines that are fermented with the DW-46 typically have enhanced apricot and tropical fruit aromas and flavors.   Recommended for White and rose' wines. Brandy and mampoer. Good for white-fleshed and stone-fruit fermentations. Can be used for rum production to...
R 150.00
Yeast: Malt Whisky from Barley (100g)
Description A naturally pure culture of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae especially selected for malt whisky.  Recommended for This strain is recommended for use in the production of malt whisky by fermentation of wort made from malted barley. Dosage:  For fermentations...
R 210.00
Yeast: MTR01 (100g) for Molasses
Description This yeast strain is selected to produce rum and other cane-based spirits. Isolated in a tropical region from cane molasses, this strain demonstrates high temperature tolerance. Recommended for Used for cane-juice based spirits and molasses. Dosage For fermentations smaller...
R 120.00
Yeast: The practical guide to Beer fermentation
A definitive guide on "all things Yeast". This is a really, really good book about yeast and everything you should know about yeast.
R 490.00
Yeast: Whiskey from grain - Speyside (100g)
Description A naturally pure culture of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. for the Production of Grain Whisky.  Recommended for  This strain is recommended for use in the production of grain whisky by fermentation of wort made from any type of grain.  Dosage For...
R 88.00

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