Yeast: DW- 47 (100g)


DW- 47 yeast for fruit wine fermentations - with enhanced citrus and floral notes



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The sensory profile of wines made with DW- 47 demonstrate an enhanced aroma and flavour due to many aromatic compounds produced by this strain during fermentation. It tends to allow the expression of good levels of terpenes, including citronellol, nerol and geraniol (flowery/ perfume character) with additional citrus driven aromas and flavours. Due to the release of polysaccharides into the must during fermentation, this yeast contributes to a round, soft palate. 

Recommended for 

Can be used for white and rose wines. Good for fruit fermentations.


For fermentations smaller than 100L

         15 grams per 25L 

For fermentations larger than 100L

         25 – 30 grams per 100L 


Min temperature: 15 °C

Max temperature: 30 °C

Alcohol tolerance: 15 % v/v

Fermentation kinetics/rate: Moderate fermentation rate

Nutrient demand: Low

Volatile acidity production: Very low 

Species: S. cerevisiae

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