Yeast: Malt Whisky from Barley (100g)


Dried yeast for the production of malt whisky.

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Product Description : A naturally pure culture of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae especialy selected for malt whisky

Type : Active Dried Distilling Yeast for the Production of Malt Whisky. 
Application : This strain is reccomended for use in the production of malt whisky by fermentation of wort made from malted barley.
Flavour profile : This strain produces a spirit with a highly acceptable flavour profile, as adjudged by Scottish Whisky Manufacturers.
Temperature Range: This strain ferments well over the range of 20 to 33 deg C.
Alcohol Tolerance : This strain displays a good alcohol tolerance of up to at least 15% V/V.
Rehydration : In order to restore the dried yeast to its fully active viable state, it is necessary to rehydrate the yeast as rapidly as possible by adding the yeast to 10 times it's mass of water at 36 deg C with constant vigorous agitation. Stir for 5 minutes before adding the yeast to the washback. ALLOWING THE YEAST TO REMAIN AT 36 deg C FOR LONGER THAN THE STIPULATED TIME PERIOD CAN NEGATIVELY AFFECT ALCOHOL YIELDS.
Analytical :
Total Yeast Count : 1 X 1010 c.f.u. per gram minimum.
Wild Yeast Count: < 105 c.f.u. / g.
Total Bacteria Count: < 106 c.f.u. / g.
Lactobacillus Count: < 106 c.f.u. / g.
Moulds: < 103 c.f.u. / g.
Dry Matter: 92 % minimum.
Shelf Life : Stored at 25C and below - 3 years minimum.
Handling :  For optimum shelf life and activity the yeast must be stored under cool dry conditions

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