Yeast: Lalvin C (500g)


A good yeast to produce high alcohol fermentations up to 16%.



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Suited for a wide range of winemaking applications, particularly for production of fresh and fruity white wine styles, as well as early release fruit driven red wines and wines made by carbonic maceration. Lalvin C is known to produce varying amounts of the ester amyl acetate (similar aroma to pears and apples). A clean fermenter that enhances the varietal character of the fruit. 

Recommended for 

Can be used for white wine, from grapes, and fruit wine production. Good for cider production.


 For fermentations smaller than 100L 

1 gram per 1L 

For fermentations larger than 100L 

30 – 50 grams per 100L 


Min temperature: 15 °C

Max temperature: 30 °C

Alcohol tolerance: 16 % v/v

Nutrient demand: Low

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