Yeast: CEC01 (100g)


This yeast has a good ethanol tolerance, a short lag phase and an excellent fermentation capacity. CEC01 enhances aromas complexity (especially ester aroma compounds expression) and varietal character of grapes, masks the green flavour compounds.

Recommended for

Suitable for red grape varieties with elegant and complex aroma and round mouthfeel, such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc. Can also be used to ferment other red fruits and molasses fermentations.

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 For fermentations smaller than 100L

·         1 gram per 1L

For fermentations larger than 100L

·         25 – 30 grams per 100L


Min temperature: 10 °C

Max temperature: 35 °C

Alcohol tolerance: 16 % v/v

Fermentation kinetics/rate: Moderate fermentation rate

Nutrient demand: Low

Production of Volatile Acidity: Low

Foam production: Low

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