Proper Turbo Yeast Mix


Proper Turbo Yeast mix - does it better - for clean, pure and fast fermentations.

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Want fast fermentations?

Distillique's Proper Turbo Yeast Mix does it just better!

This mix of high tolerant yeast, scientifically formulated nutrients and pH stabilizers is perfect for sugar washes using brown, white, invert  sugars or even fresh cane juice. When using it with fruit or converted grain mashes, it goes like a train!

As a bonus, the Proper Turbo Yeast Mix contains yeast with a high killing factor to out compete many bacteria, wild yeasts, fungi and other nasties in the fermentation.

Follow the six steps below and see the difference!  

The following table gives sugar quantities to achieve up to 19% abv fermentations within the indicated number of days.

With lesser amounts of sugar added, the %abv will drop but the fermentation will be done much faster. 

Available for shipment from 05 January 2020