Yeast: MTR01 (3kg) for Molasses


A special yeast specifically for molasses and cane spirits.(Treacle no 1,Treacle no 3).

Waiting time applicable - please enquire

This item has a 2 week waiting period from date purchased.

A special active dry yeast strain specifically for molasses and other cane based fermentations.

This yeast displays highest alcohol yields between a temperature of 30-35°C.

Please note MTR Yeast needs to work in conjunction with Yeast nutrients as molasses has a very high sugar content. (1g per liter).

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Yeast nutrients (100g)

Enough for up to 200l molasses fermentations.

  • fermentations less than 100L :   1g yeast per liter mash
  • fermentation between 100 and 500 litres: 0.75g yeast per litre mash
  • fermentation between 500 and 1000 Litres: 0.5g yeast per litre mash.

Managing fermentation:

  • Monitor and record temperature and ph daily.
  • Ideally keep temperature between 25 and 35 °C (use 200W aquarium heater with thermostat if temperature drops below 25C)
  • PH Range between 3.3 - 5.3
  • Do not allow pH to fall below 3.5 (unlikely that it will drop below 4.5 but keep an eye on it)
  • Monitor Brix levels daily (preferably with glass hydrometer).
  • Allow fermentation (few days – depending on temperature) until Brix values do not drop anymore between two consecutive days. (i.e. at about 7 Brix - Molasses fermentations frequently end with remaining Brix solids). Fermentation can be assumed to be stuck if the sugar levels remain consistent over a few days while still above i.e. 17 Brix.

 Pumping to Still:

  • Pump from fermentation tank (at draw-off point) to still. Discard or re-use bottom sediment for next fermentation.
  • Clean, rinse and sanitise fermentation tank.