Turbo yeast (for 20L) with nutrients


A very quick acting, super high alcohol yield yeast with nutrients for sugar washes and quick fruit fermentation washes.

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Ideal for "sugar only" washes. A turbo yeast without the hassles. May also be used for quick fermentation of fruit washes. This Turbo yeast mix (108 gram) will ferment a pure sugar wash to 18%-20% alcohol within 2-5 days! Never been easier or quicker.

Fermentation Instructions:

  • Dissolve 7.1kg of sugar into 6.4 litres of hot water. Make sure the sugar has completely dissolved before continuing.
  • Top up to 20 litres with cold water.
  • Make sure the liquid temperature is below 39 Degree C then add the Black Label Turbo yeast to the wash.
  • Continue to stir until no more yeast particles are visible.
  • Allow to ferment between 20 and 30 degree C air temperature for 3-6 days or until SG< 1.000. (The lower the temperature the longer it will take)
  • For a PURE fermentation do not allow the temperature to exceed 30 degree C

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