Still: Adjustable reflux still (54mm)


Adjustable reflux still with primary column and secondary to use with a 25litre or 35litre,50litre boiler or urn.

Out-of-Stock (at the moment)

The adjustable reflux still is complete for use on your own boiler and comes with:

1. Condenser

2. Dividing head and digital thermometer

3. Primary and secondary columns with copper packing mesh. 450mm x 2

4.  2 inch ferrule fitting for boiler connection with clamp and seal

5. Product cooler and needle valve

6. Vapour seals and insolation material

7. 6mm coolant water tubing inlet

8. Analog thermometer pocket for vapor temperature

9.Copper mesh 500g

10.Vapour seals x 3

11. User manual

12. Copper distilling parrot for alcohol % reading

Product picture may vary from actual product.

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