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Starter kit - 35L Adjustable reflux still


35L boiler with adjustable reflux still and LOTS of accessories - "start column distilling" made easy.

This starter kit contains:

1 x Potassium Carbonate (100g)
1 x Yeast: Distillers yeast (100g)
1 x Yeast: Black Label turbo yeast and nutrients (for 20L)
1 x Citric acid (100g)
1 x Still: Adjustable reflux still (54mm) with Secondary column
1 x Alcohol meter 0-100% abv
1 x SG Hydrometer Tripple scale SG: 0.990-1.160
1 x Measuring cylinder Tough PP 100ml
1 x pH test strips ph 1 -11 Universal (200 strips in books of 20)
1 x Copper mesh (Column packing) (500g)
1 x Fermentation bucket 25L
1 x French Oak Chips 20g Superior (medium roast)
1 x Thermometer analog pocket
1 x Insolation for 54mm column (950mm)
3 x Hose: 6mm ID clear thin walled per metre
1 x Tri-Clamp 2 inch (50mm)
1 x Fermentation lock with bung
4 x Flexible safety and vapour seal (50mm) for 54mm column
1 x Silicone seal 2 inch for sanitary fittings
1 x 2 inch ferrule (28.6 long)
1 x Boiler :35l s/steel with 2 inch ferrule
1 x copper distilling parrot with fitting 

1 x yeast nutrients

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