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Still: Workhorse - production reflux column still


All copper adjustable reflux 76mm x 1.5m column still column

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The Liquid Management design of the WORKHORSE PRODUCTION REFLUX still is capable of producing products ranging from full-bodied spirits typical of pot stills through any desired level of purity up to laboratory quality azeotrope. A real workhorse!


  • Based on an 18% alcohol mash:
  • 75ml azeotrope (>95%) per minute, 4.5L/hour or 157 bottles (750ml at 38% abv) per day over a 10 hour shift and a 300L boiler filled with 250L mash at 18%abv.
  • Based on a 12% alcohol mash:
  • 50ml of azeotrope (>95% purity) per minute (3 Liter Azeotrope per hour) - laboratory quality alcohol.
  • 120ml (at 43% abv) per minute or 12 bottles (750ml) per hour.

The total height of the PRODUCTION REFLUX column is 1.5m. The column is 76mm diameter but overall width is 125mm due to the product cooler thermometer and mounting flange.

The output rate depends on how it is used how well the boiler and column are insulated and what product is being made. When being used to produce pure ethanol ie. vodka it is designed to produce 50ml/min of azeotrope at a power input of 5000W. It can be pushed harder to increase output rate but with possible loss of product quality.

The production rates quoted above are for production of high purity vodka which is the most difficult task for a still requiring high reflux levels.

That factor does not apply when distilling flavoured spirits so the rate of production increases considerably for any given power input.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to quantify that increase as it depends on the particular characteristics of each type of flavoured spirit and whether that spirit is to be “full bodied” or “light” or to have any particular keynote. However whatever the desired end product the PRODUCTION REFLUX enables full control to be exercised at each stage of the “cuts” process associated with production of high quality flavoured spirits.

A modular approach has been taken in the design of the PRODUCTION REFLUX so that multiple columns can be operated simultaneously from just one boiler.
This can be a major advantage for any distillery for it not only enables production output to be easily adjusted to demand but also ensures that maintenance programs do not adversely affect production. This approach also allows investment capital in equipment to be managed efficiently and subsequent expansion of facilities to be accomplished economically.
We have custom manufactured larger stills but in every case we have found that the modular approach is more economical. Distillique also supplies a beer-stripping head designed to rapidly perform the initial pot-distillation of fermented wash a high-quality boiler for mounting either a beer stripper or up to two PRODUCTION REFLUX columns and heat-exchange equipment designed to save valuable time and energy in the distillery.
There are several combination packages available ranging from a single PRODUCTION REFLUX COLUMN for vodka, without or with a boiler (different size boilers to produce longer or shorter running batches) through to a complete distillery package.
As the stills are manufactured on order only, there is a delivery period of approximately 6 weeks (depending on availability of standard copper parts) and a 60% deposit is payable on order.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.