French Oak Chips 20g Superior (medium roast)


French oak chips to put into your spirits to age and colour them. 20g

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Superior medium roasted French Oak Chips for 25L wine. Infuse Oak chips in wine or distilled spirits for flavour and colour.

Two ways of getting the most of your wood chips:

1. Infuse a few chips (i.e. 1-2g per litre spirits) in your spirits until it develops your preferred level of "woodiness". Then strain the chips and bottle your spirits.

2. Fill a bottle about 3/4 full with strong neutral spirits (i.e at 80% abv). Infuse for a few weeks in a warm area (but not direct sunlight). Thereafter use this "wood extract" to "instantly mature" your spirits.


There is no "righ or wrong" quantities of chips or specific periods to infuse the wood chips.

1. The higher the temperature - the quicker the extraction of the woody aromas.

2. The stronger the alcohol - the quicker

3. The more chips you use - the quicker

4. The smaller the wood chips - the quicker

5. First use the colour as a guide and then on regular intervals, nose and taste the product until you've reached your preferred level of "woodiness"