Virgin American oak (shavings) 500ml
  • Virgin American oak (shavings) 500ml

Virgin American oak (shavings) 500ml


Virgin American oak shavings to add to your spirits to flavour and colour it.

These shavings age your spirit extremely fast and give a pleasant woody flavour and colour.

Suitable to add unique oaky flavour characteristics to any spirit.

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Infuse a roughly 30ml per 750ml bottle of spirits until it develops your preferred level of "woodiness". Then strain the shavings and bottle your spirits.

There is no "righ or wrong" quantities of shavings or specific periods to infuse. You can add more for a more woody taste.

1. The higher the temperature - the quicker the extraction of the woody aromas.

2. The stronger the alcohol - the quicker

3. The more shavings you use - the quicker

4. First use the colour as a guide and then on regular intervals, nose and taste the product until you've reached your preferred level of "woodiness"