Air sanitiser - portable unit


An effective portable air sanitiser unit for commercial, hospital and other use. 

Very limited stock available.

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Corona virus application: Please also read this document regarding the use of this equipment and Corona viruses. 

Prevents Spread of Yeast, Bacteria & Viruses: Portable industrial grade air and surface sanitiser

If you've been to a good hospital over the last few years, you just might have seen one of these units in operation. (i.e. at UNITAS hospital in Centurion)

Typical areas of use: hospital areas, surgery and ward sanitation, container decontamination, hotel rooms, B&B rooms, abattoir, refuse and kitchen areas, cold rooms, air ducting systems, vehicles. Sanitising and deodorising uses: night clubs, restaurants and pubs.  Excellent for once-of decontamination of fermentation areas. Completely removes fresh paint odours as well!


•10g/hr portable ozone generator

•Timer up to 120 minutes

•Ozone output: 10 00 mg/hr (i.e. 10g/hr)

•Suggested decontamination areas: 40 - 60 Square meters

•Enclosure : Stainless steel

•Wall or desktop mounted ozoniser with hepa filter

•Power: 150W, 220V/50Hz

•Dimensions 270x140x150mm

•Weight 3kg

•Working temperature: -20C to +40C

•12 month factory guarantee

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