RO Water filter 300 lph
  • RO Water filter 300 lph

RO Water filter 300 lph


250 to 300 liter per hour reverse Osmosis filtration unit.

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The easiest and most efficient system to ensure good and consistent quality water for dilutiing your spirits. Also used for fermentation water, with extra pre-filters, if your water contains ion and excessive disolved minerals.

  • 250 to 300 liter per hour.
  • Microprocessor Control Panel
  • Powder coated or plated frame
  • Heavy duty 5 micron sediment pre-filters
  • Corrosion resistant & efficient high pressure pump
  • High efficiency pump motor
  • FRP pressure vessel
  • Product and Reject Flow Meters
  • Low pressure switch
  • Manual flush
  • Electric feed solenoid valve (When linked to a flow switch in water holding tank.)
  • Heavy duty high pressure tubing
  • Unique non corrosive high pressure regulating valve
  • Water tight power wiring / shrouding
  • Liquid filled pressure gauges (Pre and Post Filter, Pump Pressure)
  • Factory tested
  • 220V, 0.8kW, single phase, 50Hz

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