Water distiller 20L/hr
  • Water distiller 20L/hr

Water distiller 20L/hr


A continuous small water distiller for industrial/heavy use. Provides 20L of distilled water per hour. 15kW @ 380V 3-phase power required.

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Water distiller for light industrial 

1. Distilling capacity: about 20L/hr - continuous (i.e. 8 hours per day)

2. Boiler capacity: 20L

3. 15kW and 380V 3-phase electricity required.

4. Auto water replenishment.

5. Safety cut-off for dry-boiling

6. Inspection port to view water level

7. Decent manual included

8. Stainless steel 304 construction

9. Indicator light

10. Separate drain valve.

11. Approximate height: 960mm