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Stillage tank 1000L
  • Stillage tank 1000L

Stillage tank 1000L


1000L Stillage tank for transporting stillage - can be lifted with a pallet stacker.

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Refurbished 1000L tank (almost as new) to pump stillage (what is left in the boilers after distillation and cooling down) into for easy uploading onto a bakkie to remove from site. It is ILLEGAL to dump stillage into a sewage line! 

The tank has a large opening at the top with screw lid and a large dump valve at the bottom. The steel cage is robust and suitable to be lifted by fork lift or a pallet stacker. If you have a norrow leg pallet stacker, the steel cross braces at the bottom of the tank can be removed to allow easy lifting with a narrow leg stacker.


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