Barrel 50L Steel without tap
  • Barrel 50L Steel without tap

Barrel 50L Steel with cork


Handcrafted oak barrels to let your spirits mature. Made from conditioned French oak. If you would like a tap fitted please specify and buy a tap for wooden barrels.

Out-of-Stock (at the moment)

Ideal barrel for spirit ageing Brandy, Whisky, Calvados and much more.

These specially handcrafted barrels are made from French oak, not varnished, not waxed The real McCoy for spirit ageing.

Comes with steel hoops and wooden stand.

52cm x 39cm x 39cm

NOTE: We regularly  steam our barrels slightly to prevent them from drying out too much. However, once we ship them we have no control over the barrel and cannot guarantee that they will be leak free. As such, our barrels are not guaranteed to be leak-free. The right conditioning will assist you in maintaining a leakfree barrel for many many years. Once filled, NEVER allow your barrel to dry out (especially during dry seasons).

Please read this article (especially the "how to care for your barrel") when buying a new barrel to ensure that it is conditioned and to be leak free.

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