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Small oil seed extractor (electric)
  • Small oil seed extractor (electric)

Small oil seed extractor (second hand)


A second hand small electric hot extractor, this has been used for experiments on different peanuts. In 100% working condition.Suitable for extracting essential oils from: peanuts, sunflower seeds similar soft seeds.

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Great for expressing essential oils from oily soft seeds (i.e. de-shelled sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, cumin, etc.) and firm botanicals (i.e. citrus peel, fresh lavender, rosemary) using hot or cold extraction. 
NOT suitable for hard seeds such as peach stones, apricot stones, grape seeds, grenadilla pips and olive oil pips.(However, apricot kernels and other soft kernels of hard stoned fruit can be used)

Processing examples:

  • Peanuts: 4-5 kg/h
  • Sesame seed: 5-6.5kg/h
  • Sunflower seeds: 4.5-5kg/h
  • Flaxseed: 4-6kg/h
  • Walnut kernel: 4.5-5Kkg/h
  • Oil yields vary greatly depending type of seed, freshness and seed oil content.
  • Coconut chips
  • Cacoa beans
Cold expression: (Below 60C) : I.e. peanuts, soybeans
Hot expression: (Above 60C): I.e. flaxseed
Hot expression leads to higher yields.

The machine includes:

  • Oil extracting machine
  • Oil collection beaker (S/Steel)
  • Rests collection beaker (S/Steel)  (not shown on picture)
  • Power cord and plug
  • Glove (for handling hot parts during cleaning)
  • Seed hopper
  • Progressive screw (solid stainless steel) with locking pin


  • Fully stainless steel construction
  • Solid stainless steel progressive screw and press tube.
  • 400W motor
  • 300W heating element
  • Dimensions: 460mm (L) x 360mm (H) x 240mm (W)
  • Weight 12.5kg
  • Duty cycle: 80/20 (i.e. 20 minute cooling down after 80 minutes of continuous work)