500L Essential oil production
  • 500L Essential oil production

500L Essential oil production distillery


A very robust (think industrial strength) still for producing essential oil.

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500L essensial oil production still for the herb farmer.

Designed for superb quality essential oil production, easy operation, easy cleaning and high reliability.
Comes standard with electric steam generator but can also be selected with wood/charcoal burner.
ROBUST/industrial design design to accommodate farming conditions.

Salient features of the essential oil distillery:
500L botanical volume capacity (between 40 and 60kg botanicals) 450L hydrosol collection tank with level indicator 40L essential oil trank
Automatic oil/hydrosol separation by essentier

Duplex S/Steel strainer
Pneumatic cylinders to easily dump spent botanicals into bins (no more struggling to empty it) Oversized condensing (for the hot African climate)
Working platform and large filling port to easily fill with botanicals Stainless steel construction of still components, carbon steel for working platform. Safe operations - works under atmospheric pressures.
Standard Electric steam generator producing 100kg steam per hour. 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase power, 36kW Can also be selected with wood/briquette fired steam generator (using between 16 and 20kg wood) Glass inspection ports.

Automation options available on electric heating (switching off and dumping) 
Same design also available from 200L to 1000L - contact us.

Basic piping (and insulation material) from steam generator included - however, this might change depending on the location of your still and the steam generator.

Optional extras: 
1. Stainless steel work platform
2. Evaporative cooler and pump for re-circulating cooling water

Photo of similar design (but 800L) essential oil still showing the working platform and steam generator on left (Blue cabinet). Note this installation: The oil/water separator (essentier) is located behind the window in a room):
Optional choice for heating: Wood/Briquette burner.

Flu stack not included and needs to be made/fitted by yourself depending on your area where the wood fired steam generator will be located.

Terms and conditions:
1. 70% order deposit, 30% before delivery
2. Price FOB centurion 
2. Delivery within 12-16 weeks after order
Delivery and installation to be quoted separately - might vary from place to place and specific installation. 
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