Experimental Essential oil distilling kit
  • Experimental Essential oil distilling kit

Experimental Essential oil distilling kit


An all glass essential oil distilling kit for experimental distilling and learning how to distill essential oils.

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This is the same kit we use during our "Extracts and essential oils" training course

Although it is mainly used for steam and ethanol distillations, it can be used with hexane and the same kit can also used for solvent recovery after Soxhlet extractions.

The kit contains the following:
  1. 2 x Retort stands
  2. 2 x boss heads and four pronged clamps
  3. 1 x gas burner (without gas canister)
  4. 1 x heat spreader mesh
  5. 1 x 1000ml boiling flask
  6. 1set boiling chips
  7. 1 x 1000ml botanical flask
  8. 1 x elbow with thermowell
  9. 1 x thermo coupler 
  10. 1 x glass thermometer
  11. 1 x liebig cooler
  12. 1 x exit elbow dripper
  13. 4 x keck clips
  14. 2m silicone pipe

The kit does not contain a gas cannister (due to courier restrictions) but that is easily obtainable from your local outdoor / camping shop.

Butane Gas Cylinder

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