W13: Build your own reflux still
  • W13: Build your own reflux still

W13: Build your own reflux still


Build your own adjustable reflux still column in 1 day with expert guidance during the workshop.

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Objective: To build your own adjustable reflux still to take home and distill!

Supplied during course:

  • All components and material required to build your own reflux still column
  • Use of equipment and consumables


  • Health and safety during workshop
  • Health, safety and legal considerations when building your own still
  • Basic reflux column design parameters
    • Spirit Production rate 
    • Spirit volume to produce
    • Distilling boiler run times ("bring to boil" and distilling time)
    • Required %abv of end product
    • Required %abv from still
    • Mash %abv
  • Basic calculations
    • Boiler size
    • Heat input calculation
    • Vapor volume calculations
    • Vapor speed calculation
    • Condenser sizing calculation
    • Column diameter sizing
    • "Common sense" verification
  • Soldering technique and exercises
    • Legally allowed lead less solder 
    • Preparation
    • Fluxing
    • Heat application points
    • Heat distribution considerations
    • Soldering
    • Finishing
  • Copper bending techniques
    • Issues when bending copper
    • Minimum radius copper tube bends
    • Copper annealing
    • Bending techniques
    • Bending the copper tube
  • Copper cutting techniques
    • Cutting techniques
    • Cutting copper pipes and tubes
    • Cutting copper sheeting
  • Copper polishing
    • Polishing
    • "shine preservation"
  • Bending Cutting Soldering Polishing and Assembling your own adjustable reflux column still.
  • Testing components.
  • Selecting boiler size
  • Serializing and registering your still (to make it a legal still)

Optional during workshop: Buy a 25 or 35 Liter boiler to fit underneath the column.

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Duration: (08:00-17:00)

Venue: Distillique Offices in Centurion (View Map

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