C6 - Bio-Fuel (Ethanol) Distilling


Learn to make your very own Bio Ethanol and convert your Engine to use it, in one simple course!

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A fun day of learning how to make and use Bio Ethanol ... and then make it!


Due to the specialized nature of this course, this course is not prescheduled and will only be presented on request for groups of 8 or more individuals, during weekdays.

Workshop contents:
• Why Bio Ethanol?
• Distilling safety
• Distilling legalities in South Africa
• The process and options
   o Dilution
   o Starch Processing
   o Fermentation
   o Fruits
   o Starchy Materials
• Mashing and Fermentation Equipment
• Distillation
• Alcohol Drying
• Basic Fuel Theory
   o Combustion Properties
   o Volatility
   o Octane Ratings
   o Water Injection
   o Exhaust Composition
   o Engine Performance
       Straight Alcohol
       Alcohol Blends
• Use of Alcohol Fuels and Engine Modifications
   o Methods of Utilization
   o Alcohol Blends
   o Pure Alcohol
   o Diesel Engines
   o Engine Modifications
   o Alcohol Injection
   o Fuel Lines
• Design Parameters and Feasibility Calculations
• Adjustable Reflux Column Still Construction
   o Parts List and completed still
   o Step-by-step instructions to construct the reflux still
   o Connecting your reflux still to a boiler
• Solar Distillation
   o Construction of Solar Stills

Receipt of your payment will confrm your seat reservation for the course. Please note our terms and conditions for training when cancelling a course.  

Course fee includes:

• Course material (printed and bound course)
• Use of copper still during distillation
• Refreshments during course (tea, coffee, cool drink, bottled water)
• Lunch Platters (Please inform us of any dietary requirements)


• Starts at 09h00 until approximately 16h00 with light lunch at 12h00

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